The Short Memoires of a Diplomat

 No, I wasn’t pleased to meet you all.
With some of you, the talk was rather small
and the drinks were never long enough.
Excuse me if I sound e little rough.
A diplomat is mostly just a mime. 
We’re not allowed to call it waste of time,
when everybody thinks we have a ball.

While some to meet, I must say, was a pleasure,
for many others dullness does not measure –
so big their ego was, so small their heart.
Were I allowed to make a brand new start,
there are some, whose names I would recall,
while others’, please forgive me, not at all.

I wasn’t very pleased to spend my time
with people lacking any sense of beauty,
but often had to, in my line of duty.
They all had reasons, but I found no rhyme.

So if I turn my back now to this race
of vanities, I’m looking for a place,
where small things speak and pride is just a mumble.
I long for people honest, true and humble.
And for a slower pace.

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